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In April 2006, Pastor Terrance cast vision for a new church plant, ‘The Katy Mission,’ to the Southwest Campus Leadership team whereby creating incredible excitement and inspiration about God’s permission to expand into West Katy.  The mission has experienced incredible growth throughout the years.  The Katy Mission first planted its roots at Beck Junior High  with families traveling from all parts of Katy West who were thrilled to come together to worship.  From Beck Junior High to a now totally remodeled temporary home and store front location located in Old Katy, the Katy Mission is now being positioned for its own permanent home in a modern architectural worship facility. The facility is a On Purpose Initiative with a focus of  $4 million-dollars to continue to build the lives and families located in the Katy area.
For at least a decade, higher dimension church has attempted to create grassroots opportunities to engage the community and the poor through various outreaches.  The ministry facilitated and hosted outreaches throughout the year to assist families in Westwood and Katy that were underserved. These outreaches included community food bank giveaways, Christmas family toy giveaways and family adoptions, and harvest festival alternative programming for Halloween. Not to mention, the church for years funded benevolence programming to assist with rent and utilities. Higher dimension church also had the privileged to employ the community with meeting disaster needs brought on by hurricane Harvey and other disaster efforts occurring over the years in ministry. With the vision to transition our current church model, to pursue a more intentional and purpose driven flow of worship, P.E.A.C.E. was a true expression and commitment to god and the church body to ensure we reach beyond the walls of the church.  P.E.A.C.E. is our church outreach strategy for higher dimension church to focus our efforts on the five things that Jesus did during his ministry on earth.  This strategy plan gives us a ministry edge on creating intentional programming to empower and connect with the community ensuring holistic living for god’speople. We believe whole people plus whole families equal whole communities.The P.E.A.C.E. strategy is a on purpose initiative focus of  $1 milliondollars to plant churches that promote reconciliation, equip servant leaders,assist the poor, care for the sick and educate the next generation of leaders.
Now in existence for over 19 years, the Higher Dimension church southwest campus has served as the ministry central hub and multipurpose facility under senior pastor and founder, Terrance H. Johnson. Men, women and children have connected to the campus from all parts of the city, and the nation.  The building has become the worship home to children and thriving youth in the city, young adults, single families, and married couples the like.  Our first worship center in southwest, has set the tone for our ministry style of preaching and worship and is the beacon of light for so many church goers in the city of Houston. the southwest campus has confronted the needs of the people through serving the community, weekly discipleship, continuous worship opportunities, volunteerism, office administration and miscellaneous events.  The building is now in need for immense upkeep, maintenance and renovation.  The southwest campus renovation is a on purpose initiative focus of $2 million dollars to revitalize the mother campus of higher dimension church. 
100% participation
We want every person who calls higher dimension their church home to be a part of this on purpose initiative. Now is the time that we come together and heighten the unity of our church around advancing this vision and mission. 
We are trusting him to move through hispeople to invest $17m over these next two years to accomplish the vision he has givenus.Basedon our current level of giving we have established a two-year budget of $10m.For the project piece of on purpose we are targeting an additional $7m over thenext two years over and above our regular budget. Therefore, to maintain ourcurrent level of ministry for the next two years and accomplish this expandedvision it will take a total of $17m goal over 2-years. We can do this…but wecan only do this together. 


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